Our jewelry is designed to fit the life of active women. After a while, a worn piece of jewelry shows signs of wear and tear. The better you care for it, the better it will age.

Some Tips on how to Care for Your Jewelry

  • Avoid wearing your jewelry during physical activity.
  • Avoid contact with chemicals.
  • Remove your jewelry before going to sleep and in the bathroom.
  • Store your jewelry in individual cases or compartments.
  • Clean your stones regularly with a soft brush like a toothbrush and lukewarm water.
  • If you notice a stone is moving, have the setting checked as soon as possible.
  • Have your jewelry rhodium-plated or re-polished when it loses its shine.
  • All jewelry are subject to occasional polishing, adjustments or repair even when properly worn.
  • Repairs and alterations of Coralie van Caloen’s jewelry should be performed by Coralie van Caloen’s workshop and artisans.
  • Please contact us, and upon receipt of a piece, we will conduct an assessment to understand what repairs will be needed and will then contact you to provide an estimate of cost and time required.