Coralie van Caloen

Coralie van Caloen creations are handmade, unique and distinctive through their colourful and bold design where movement and fluidity flows through gold. Coralie van Caloen Jewelry is devoted to creating exceptional fine jewelry for the modern woman with imagination and delicacy.

Coralie has always been attracted by art, colours and gemstones.

She began experimenting with jewelry creations and design in her young age, mixing stones together and creating jewelry for friends and family, selling her first jewelry at the age of 16.

In 2009, Coralie launched her jewelry brand in Belgium.

Coralie then graduated from La Cambre, before studying and practicing jewelry design at the International Gemological Institute of Bombay and then at the Jaipur’s Gem Palace. Coralie later moved to London where she worked with several designers such as Alexander McQueen. In 2009, Coralie launched her jewelry brand in Belgium. She quickly established herself as a renowned jeweler, known for her original fine jewelry and her strong eye for rare and unusual stones.